About Me

Why hello there! Let me introduce myself so that you may know who this Miss Melly, Virtual Assistant extraordinaire is!

I am Melissa, or Mel if you like. I have a soft spot for:

  • T2 tea (yes, even in summer – that’s why there’s a thing called iced tea!),

  • animals (I may or may not have multiple cats and a gorgeous black woofing beauty, Olivia),

  • am hugely passionate about life-long learning both for work and in my personal life,

  • and have an avid interest in holistic therapies (I share my experiences with a tribe of busy mums trying to keep it together through my own blog and Instagram pages).

I have spent a large portion of my life working in education (primary, tertiary, consultancy), with a sabbatical working in our family’s small business.  It was there that I began my journey into social media management, and refining administrative processes building on the wealth of skills I’d already developed in education (managing schedules, streamlining administrivia, multitasking, data entry, record keeping, desktop publishing, chairing and running a board to name a few).  

Given my love for holistic therapies, love of writing (I have my own casual, chatty style but also write highly effective strongly-worded letters and submissions suitable for parliament and executives when required) and life-long learning, it’s hardly surprising I developed my own blog and tribe online, where I get to refine my skills and learn the best hacks for social media management!

As you’ve probably already gathered, my specialties in the VA world are social media management, content writing, and administrative tasks.  Creating and/or looking after your social media accounts to give your business the edge and stay in the online game, content writing for these or your blog or website, scheduling your social media and work calendar, or just general admin tasks.  I’m here to look after these tasks that you would much rather blink and miss – so that you can get back to working IN your business, not ON it.

Miss Melly!

Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire

©2019 by Blink by Miss Melly

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