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 Meet Miss Melly 


Why hello there! Let me introduce myself! I believe that it's important for us to build a relationship and make a connection... so here you'll find me share a little about myself to help you work out if Blink could be a good fit for you!

I am Melissa, or Mel if you like. I have a soft spot for:

  • T2 tea (yes, even in summer – that’s why there’s a thing called iced tea!),

  • animals (I may or may not have multiple cats and a gorgeous black woofing beauty, Olivia),

  • am hugely passionate about life-long learning both for work and in my personal life,

  • and have an avid interest in holistic therapies (I share my experiences with a tribe of busy mums trying to keep it together through my own blog and Instagram pages)...

  • If you arrived here searching for UrrthMumma (my woo-woo alter-ego), head over to the above links 'cos you won't find THAT side of my life here (soz)!

As the eternal entrepreneur, I have always dabbled in some form of small business or another alongside my past life professional career in education, training & coaching. Having dipped in & out of sales and marketing many times through that past life, it was a natural progression for me to consult and train in marketing and social media in the evolution of Blink by Miss Melly.


Blink by Miss Melly exists because I am is driven by taking the fear out of marketing & social media for micro and small businesses.  I am incredibly passionate about providing no-BS consult, training and coaching in the marketing, social media & Entrepreneurial Mindset Profiling™ arena.


The team at Blink are also there to further assist those who need additional, less strategic (& more 'doing the do') support in social media support by creating and posting for micro and small business socials too.

So, where does Entrepreneurial Mindset Profiling™ come in to it? Well, I've always felt that I just 'didn't belong' as an employee in larger organisations. The bureaucracy & being told what to do (especially when those things were things I wasn't comfortable with) was tough for me to deal with.  And I've always dabbled in finding my own business that enabled me to be my own boss and call my own shots. I couldn't understand why I didn't 'fit' that box. Then I found the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profiling™ tool. I went through certification to Profile, assess and coach others through this awesome tool. To understand what personality and skill scales we each have a preference for...or aversion to. Meaning we are armed with the info to grow, develop & take our entrepreneurial journeys to the next level!

Given my love for holistic therapies, love of writing and life-long learning, it’s hardly surprising I developed my own blog and tribe online, where I get to refine my skills and learn the best hacks for social media! I have my own casual, chatty style but am the eternal chameleon - I also write highly effective strongly-worded letters and submissions suitable for parliament and executives when required.  

As you’ve probably already gathered, my specialties in the virtual world are marketing, social media & Entrepreneurial Mindset Profiling™...coaching, consulting and education in each.  My passion lies in giving your business the edge and staying in the online game! I'm here to help you streamline and make sense of all things marketing.


But without awareness around the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profiling™ skills & personality scales for those micro & small business owners, all the marketing & social media support sits on an unstable foundation - and THAT foundation is another love affair I'm here for! 

T2 Tea Drinker  |  Earth Mumma  |   Knowledge Collector

Melissa Patterson 

I’m here to take the fear out of marketing for micro and small businesses. And passionate about providing no-BS consult, training and coaching in the social media and Entrepreneurial Mindset arena.
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 Special Skills 

Bachelor of Education (Primary) 2003
Social Media Management Certification (Freelance University)
Member of Australian Association of Virtual Industry Professionals (AAVIP)
VA Institute Certification

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Amy Porterfield's List Builders Society Graduate
Copywriting Essentials (Australian Writers Centre) Graduate
Entrepreneurial Mindset Practitioner™ Certification

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