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A Detox. A Time Detox, not a food or drink one.

I caught up with a friend and fellow entrepreneur and VA yesterday. We have this great idea to start up a book club purely for pleasure. And we were catching up to nut that out.

During our chit chat, my friend chatted about how over the festive season break she reassessed how she spent her time in 2019. Through that process, she discovered she had sunk a significant amount of time and money in to one project that just wasn't returning the investment. So she was making decisions around whether to pursue that project or pull it back.

That discussion reminded me of Rachel Hollis' podcast (a recent rebroadcast between ep 126 &127) on the steps she takes at the end of every year before starting the new one. She goes back through her previous diary and takes note of how she spent her time so that she can be intentional about how she plans to spend her time in the coming year.

Funnily enough, I then jumped in the car and switched on ANOTHER podcast - this time Amy Porterfield's Online Marketing Made Easy - which started out as being about dreams (totally not related to this topic, but I will post about that another day soon - stay with me here). Towards the end, lo and behold, the discussion turned to what Amy's guest, Teneshia Jackson Warner, recommends - a TIME AUDIT. A time freaking audit, peeps!

Is this synchronicity and the world conspiring to give me a message or what?! Or maybe it's just me listening to too many podcasts? \o/

Ok so the basic premise is this:

- For one week, jot down every thing you do. EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

- Then, much like my friend did, and Rachel Hollis suggests, review those things. Where does your time go? Is it bringing you closer to your priorities?

- Review for those you can either automate, delegate or distribute.

So, essentially, you are then detoxing those time-sucking things that aren't bringing you closer to your goals, your priorities.

I'm totally in!

Who's joining me?!!

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