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Analysis Paralysis

I see it time and time again.

People with every good intention of launching a micro or small business, totally unable to gain any form of traction or to actually launch. Largely because of one thing.

Analysis Paralysis.

It's not just a catchy phrase that rhymes.

Analysis paralysis is very real and has an incredible impact upon productivity and ability to move forward.

It's the result of over-analysing and over-thinking a problem. So much so that one takes no real action in moving forward.

In my humble opinion, people caught in analysis paralysis cause decision-making to be even more difficult by seeking opinions of others. Not carefully selected 'others' - just any 'others'.

'Others' they don't even know from Facebook groups or on other forms of social media. 'Others' who have no experience in, or understanding of, the context of the problem itself.

'Others' who will reinforce that exact analysis paralysis cycle one was in before reaching out for opinions from....others.

No matter how well-intentioned, if you are stuck in analysis paralysis, asking for opinions of others who don't know you or your context (nor have experience in living through the problem causing you paralysis by analysis) will only amplify your inability to make a decision.


Because you will only find yourself with more examples of both sides of the coin.

More examples, if you like, of the devil over one shoulder and an angel over the other.

It will likely only reinforce the reasons you are paralysed by analysing the problem in the first place.

There's one caveat here: unless the select few you ask for opinions from actually have experience in the situation, AND understand your context.

Decision-making can be difficult for many.

Particularly when it's a decision you have never been faced with before.

In a situation (launching a micro or small business) you also have likely never faced before.

So, what can you actually do to STOP being paralysed by analysis?

Firstly, YOU need to decide ONE thing.

That it's time to STOP.

STOP the analysing.

And just START being productive.

Analysis paralysis KILLS your productivity and stops you from taking action before you've even started...generally because it stops you from making ANY decision.

Choose a date to make a decision by - and on that day, commit to a decision. With the information you have on hand at that point in time.

Draw a line in the sand and stop allowing yourself to find more information/opinions/reasons to avoid making a decision.


Secondly, recognise that, in the wise words of Barack Obama (on a recent podcast episode of 'Unlocking Us" with Brene Brown), "There is no perfect answer."

No matter how much info, or how many points of view you garner, there will always be more. Our access to information in the digital age is virtually unlimited. There will always be more.

You know that saying "We make the best decisions we can with the information we have at the time"? More information doesn't necessarily make for better decisions. Informed choices are wise. Over-thinking to avoid making a decision is not.

If it's a huge decision, break it down in to smaller series of baby-sized decisions.

Third, look at WHY you are over-thinking and over-analysing. Is because you are scared or fear failure? Is it because you don't trust yourself? Is it because you are avoiding something else, and not making a decision on this thing actually keeps you from taking any REAL action?

No matter what the reason, identify it and deal with it.

Lastly, (and if you've worked with me before, I guarantee you have heard this out of my mouth)

trust your instincts. Listen in to your inner guidance - your gut and intuition will tell you.

No matter what, commit to STOP allowing analysis paralysis to impact upon your ability to take action and move forward.

Forward motion is forward motion.

No matter how small.

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