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Updated: May 4, 2019


Not just lovely waffle-looking symbols.

Too hard?

Don't get it?

Stay with me here, I have some advice.

Why use hashtags?

Using RELEVANT hashtags on Instagram is an effective way to get people to see your posts - and get engagement too. Your Instagram content strategy should include a hashtag strategy too.

What exactly are hashtags?

Think of hashtags as those file dividers in your filing cabinet - they help organize content. And make it easy for people to discover (search for and find) you and your product or service easily.

Here’s how to use hashtags:

  1. Narrow down your relevant hashtags. This takes time, but once it's done, it's done. Having 2 or 3 sets of 30 is a good idea so you can rotate through (Insta doesn't like reusing the same set over and over - change it up). Create a list of common keywords in your niche.

  2. Some good resources in helping identify yours: All Hashtag, Display Purposes and Ritetag are good ones.

  3. Check out what hashtags your competitors are using - use the search function on Instagram.

  4. Save your hashtags to a note app on your phone so you can cut and paste it into your IG post.

  5. Use all 30 hashtags each post or story BUT make sure they are relevant. Seven relevant hashtags is better than 30 irrelevant ones.

  6. Hashtags in post or comments? Look, research shows it really doesn't matter much, but it does look much cleaner putting them in the first comment of your post.


- Don't be too generic - a hashtag with 200 million users is NOT what you want. Get creative and think of a slightly altered hashtag with more than 20k users, but far less than 200 million!

- use a mixture of niche, community, location & content-related hashtags - research!

- use 5 or 6 hashtags in your caption and the rest in your comments.

- it's about getting seen by the RIGHT people (your target audience), not getting seen by A LOT of people.

- add hashtags to your bio!

Need help getting your hashtags sorted?

Don't have the time to do the research to get your hashtags sorted? I can help you get your hashtag strategy created with relevant hashtags for your business you can use in your own posts. My hashtag strategy gives you 3 sets of 30 hashtags relevant to your business for $100 (AUD)!

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