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How to post consistent content without being sales-y!

I hear it all the time.

I see it.


Far too much.

You hear it from me far too much.

Social media is about being social.

Not being sold to or selling to.

If you continuously sell AT or TO your audience, they WILL DISENGAGE.


Social media is about building relationships and adding value.

Not asking people to buy your product or service all the time.

If your ratio of selling your product or services is more than 1 in 5 posts or composes more than 20% of your posts, you NEED TO STOP.

Right now.

But stopping the frequency of those sales posts means you have to replace them with something, right?

I know that, deep down, the reason so many post so many salesy posts is because:

1) they are passionate and want to share their love for their product or service offering,

2) they don't actually know what else to post, or

3) they are so desperate to grow their business that they genuinely think the way to do that is by yelling about their product or service from the rooftops.

These all come from good places.

I know.

I used to be that person.

Until I learnt better.

And I want to share that with you, so that instead of alienating your audience and having them switch off to your content entirely, you can actually engage them, build relationships with them and add value.

My rule of thumb is 1 post actually selling your services or product for every in every 5.

When it comes to basic content marketing, there are 4 purposes for the types of content you can post. Content that:

1) Inspires,

2) Educates,

3) Entertains, or

4) Convinces.

Obviously, convincing content is where you are selling, but testimonials also fall in here too.

So, when you are looking at planning your content, think about those 4 things - think about posting things that inspire, educate or entertain more than you post things that convince.

Now, I've added value and helped you work out some other things to post, if you want more? I cover tonnes of content ideas for each of the 4 purposes in my Social Media Essentials for VAs digital course - launching again soon!

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