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How to repurpose content for different platforms - my 6 tips

I have recently seen an increase in questions around whether or not it's okay to share the same post on multiple social media platforms.

In answer to that, in an ideal world?

No. It's not.

Why? Because if you have the same people following you on, say, both Facebook and Instagram, they are exposed to the same content.

So what? Well, if they've seen it on Facebook, they likely aren't going to engage with it on Instagram. Which means that engagement on that post will be lower. Which means that the algorithm won't prioritise it. Which means it's not going to get seen by more people - because your core audience isn't engaging with it. Ultimately, affecting the reach of your posts. And aren't you posting to increase engagement with your content?

Make sense? Or clear as mud?

I've been guilty of posting the same content on multiple platforms, and I can vouch for it.

Yes, I just said that I too have done this exact thing I'm encouraging you not to.

But best practice? I'd encourage you not to do the same.

So, how can you save time but still post different content for different platforms?

It's called repurposing.

Repurposing isn't about recycling old content. It's about tweaking that content to make something old new again - think of it as upcycling, like when I chalk paint a piece of old furniture!

And here are my tips for repurposing with ease.

1) Create one list post for Facebook, and use each list point as an Instagram post. You could refer to this as a 'series' of posts i.e. I could make this blog post into a 'Repurposing Tips Series'. New image for each list point.

2) Re-work your GOOD content - take snippets of that content and make them in to shorter, stand-alone posts.

3) If you are going to post the same content on multiple social media platforms, schedule the posts at different days and times for each platform.

4) Improve upon some previous content you have produced. Update stats, references, add any updated thoughts.

5) Take a few points from an old post and create a video chatting about those points for IG or FB stories.

6) Turn a post into an infographic and share that infographic on IG or Pinterest.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas and breaks repurposing down a little?

Hop to it!

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