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Let's talk about the 9 letter 'F' word you should never use on social media

Yes, the 10 letter one.

Clearly, that rules out the immediate 'F' word that jumped to your mind, you cussing bad a$$!

Now, get your mind off all the swear words you should abandon from your vocabulary - but won't because, well, you know, keeping it real.

I'm forewarning you now, some of you are going to be shirty at me for this post.

Some of you will be downright embarrassed.

Because many of you do it.


If you have been guilty of using this word, no hard feelings.

In all honesty, you probably didn't know.

I mean, there's no 'Social Media Etiquette' School, is there?

You gotta learn somewhere.

Consider this the place.

Promise me, from heron in, you'll listen to my advice and change your ways?

So, what is this heinous 'F' word I speak of if it's not a swear bear word?

This 'F' word?


Or, worse yet, just the letter 'F'.

Yep, just a single little old 'F'.

No other words around it, just the letter 'F'.

In a comment.


It's enough to get any Facebook group admin offside (and I admin a few).

And pi$$ off the other users of the group.

And especially pi$$ off the person who wrote the post you are commenting your lil' ol' 'F' on.

Why? Because that person who wrote that post you wasted the effort of commenting an 'F' on?

They hear 'ding'!


They thing someone is actually HELPING THEM.

But, guess what?

If you comment that lil' ol' 'F'?

You're not helping.

It's annoying.

As for admin? It brings posts up to the top of the group / page, because, well - comments.

Only they actually aren't HELPFUL comments.

So all the other HELPFUL posts get pushed to the bottom of the group / page.

Because you wasted your 'F'.

Now, I totally get it.

You actually want to know what the answers are to this particular post / question.


Let me ask you this.

Would you walk up to someone asking a question (one that you are very keen on hearing the answers to) at a networking event, and pipe up and say "F"? Or just chime in with "Following"?


No you wouldn't.

And if you would, probably don't be going to networking events.

You need to not forget your manners on social media.

Yes, it's a great (and easy) place to connect, find answers etc.

But how does that person who wrote the post feel just seeing you put an 'F' on their post?

Actually make some effort and do what you would do in person at a networking event.

Say something like "I'm interested in the answer to this too." or "Great question, I'm keen to hear responses."

I know, you actually want to know the answers to the question.

So I'm going to let you in on a little tip to help you follow the post WITHOUT being annoying and putting your lil' ol' 'F' on there.

2 steps.


1) Click on the 3 little dots at the top right of the post you want to follow (see image 1 below).

2) Click on "Turn on notifications for this post" in the pop up menu (see image 2 below).

Click on the 3 dots (...) at the top right of the post.
Choose 'Turn on notifications'

That's it.

That's how easy it is.

And you can do this on your phone or desktop.

THIS, my friends, is social media etiquette and how one follows a post using their social media manners.

Go forth, my friends.

Let me never see you use that lil' ol' 'F' again.

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