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Vanity. The Social Media type.

The sentiments are kind of the same as what Carly Simon sang about.

But it's not about beauty or conceitedness.

Side note: you ARE beautiful (yes, every. single. one. of you) - and if you don't believe it, go do some mirror work. Seriously, trust me on the this.

This type of vanity is purely about social media.

Specifically, Vanity Metrics.

"Say whaaattt???!!!" I hear you say.

Yep, vanity metrics.

It's a thing.

And I see people hung up on vanity metrics time and time again.

New VAs starting out who are worried about how many followers they have (or don't have).

Or feeling inferior about how many 'likes' their posts are getting (or lacking).

These things are easy to focus on - I get it, I really do.

I was once the same.

But I'm here to say - learn from me....these are

NOT things you should be focused on.

Let's back up a minute and catch you up if you are still asking

"But what are vanity metrics?"

In short, vanity metrics in social media land are things you CAN measure...but that don't actually matter. They don't actually 'move the needle' so to speak on impacting your business in terms of client conversions.


* numbers of followers for your Facebook or Instagram page,

* numbers of likes on your posts,

* blog post views.

Vanity metrics, like those I've pointed out above, are seriously not worth fixating on.

I can't count the amount of times I've seen posts in VA Facebook groups I admin where the question asked goes something like this "How can I get more followers to my Facebook business page?"

Deep down, I really want to reply with "Why? Why does this matter to you?" (not that I say that).

Because, in my humble opinion, it doesn't matter.

It's not a measure of your success.

The number of followers you have on your new business Facebook page is, generally, in no way related to the genuine connections and relationships you have with potential clients who may or may not do business with you.

Firstly, increasing your social media following organically (i.e. not using paid ads) is a journey that takes time.

Secondly, provided you are:

a) posting consistently, and

b) posting engaging content your potential client wants to read, and

c) posting non-salesy content (stop selling your services, start adding value & building connections), and

d) have actually linked your Facebook business page to your personal profile (I'll write about this another time),

you are far better off putting your efforts in to engaging with your ideal client in Facebook groups. Building relationships. Making connections. Adding value. Showing you care. Showing what type of person you are.

The number of followers you have on your new VA business page does not correspond with how many potential clients may do business with you.

I have clients who I've been working with for in excess of a year who don't follow me on my own social media accounts.


People do business with people.

People they like, know and trust.

You build the like, know, trust factor by actually engaging with people.

If you engage with people in Facebook groups (again, not selling your services - BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS) either under your business profile or your personal one (some groups only allow personal profiles and not businesses to join), and people are interested in learning more about you and what you offer, they THEN click through to your business page (hence you need to link your business page to your personal one).

Generally speaking, people aren't sitting on Facebook thinking of [insert your business name here] and searching for that business name. That works for big, well-known brands that have followings and traction already. For those starting out and not known as their business name? Not so much.

Social media is a great platform for helping build connections.

But the number of followers you have on your brand new business page? It's not worth fixating on.

Now, go forth and build relationships - give yourself permission to stop worrying about how many followers you have.

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