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What's new in the Social Media Zoo?

It's been awhile since I posted about the plethora of social media updates that have been dripping out the last little while.

So I thought it high time to give you an overview!

I often like to familiarise myself with larger social media platform changes so that I can actually speak to the change from first-hand experience, rather than just whatever the platform PR spits out.

Without further ado, get the downlow below...

Instagram Reels

IG Reels was released around a week ago.

It's pretty much IG's answer to TikTok, and will likely corner the market (particularly given Trump is threatening a TikTok ban for the U.S.).

It is being tested in 50 regions so far (U.S. and Australia included) after starting out with 4 initially.

Reels allows you to create and record 15 second multi-clip videos, including effects, audio and other fun jazzy stuffs.

How to set up Reels? Check out my cheat sheet.

Reels can be shared to your IG Stories or feed, and will ultimately have a separate tab on your IG profile.

Cheat sheet to set up Instagram Reels.

Facebook Classic vs New

Now THIS change got some all riled up!

Facie changed the layout..gah!

I actually like the new layout (now I've had time to get used to it).

If, however, you hate the new layout, MOST people have still got the option of returning to "Classic" (simple 2-step process below).

Be aware, though, some have already lost the ability to revert to "Classic", so do it soon!

Facebook Rooms

A joinable video call.

Gee, haven't heard of that before (Zoom anyone?).

Essentially you create a room in Facebook Messenger, and up to 50 people can join your 'room'. Any invited users are able to join the call, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

Messenger App Lock (currently iOS only)

You can now lock your FB messenger (even if you give someone else your phone to make a call) so that it can't be accessed by others. You need to set up Touch ID or Face Recognition to use this.

Which update is your fave?

Are you loving or hating on the new Facebook appearance?

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