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What IS a Virtual Assistant?

Updated: May 4, 2019

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is generally self-employed, and a freelancer - not an employee. A VA provides professional administrative, technical or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from their own home office. You may like to think of VA's as the next generation of office assistants

VA's come from a variety of backgrounds, but most have several years experience earned in the "real" world. VA's communicate with those they contract to through multiple channels - email, video messaging, instant messaging, phone calls and video conferencing.

Your Virtual Assistant can work from anywhere with a good internet connection!

What can a VA help with?

There are no rules about what services VA's offer. They generally provide services they love to do, and have experience in.

Most offer general administration services such as calendar management, scheduling, communication, email management, data entry, document management and preparation or editing and proofreading.

Some Virtual Assistants specialize in areas such as social media management/strategy, website development, transcription, bookkeeping, sales funnels, copy writing - the list goes on.

What services can Blink by Miss Melly provide?

- Social Media Management and Strategy,

- Content , Blog and Copy Writing,

- Email Campaigns (MailChimp),

- Online Community management,

- General administration.

What you need not listed here? Get in touch - my skills are wide and varied, and I also have a team of exceptional VA's with their own specialized skillsets to support me in supporting you!

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