How can Miss Melly help you? 

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Social Media Management

  • Social media setup and page design: Profile and page creation​

  • Social media content planning and scheduling:Creation, posting and monitoring across social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn

  • Social media results tracking and analytics: interpret insights, track mentions and hashtags and insights

  • Online community management: Monitoring group and forum comments

  • Website and blog maintenance

  • Blog ghostwriting / editing / posting

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Digital Marketing

  • E-mail Marketing: ConvertKit, MailChimp & transferrable skills to other EMS

  • Marketing Automation: funnels, nurture sequences, email sequences

  • Content Marketing: consultation, stratgey &/or delivery (customer value journey development - lead magnets, eBooks, blogs, newsletters, chat bots etc)

  • Digital Course support: sequencing, platforms

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Copy & Content

Do you struggle to find the words that give justice to the service or product you provide?

Those words that just stand out and make your product or service sparkle - do they seem to forever allude you?

​Copywriting & Content Writing - two sides of the same coin. They work synergistically.


Copywriting is about drawing upon emotions and pain points, formulating a strong call to action for the audience. Copywriting is related to sales - something I have much experience with too!

Let me work on copywriting your:

  • web content, email marketing & newsletters.

On the flip side of the coin is content writing. Think of content writing as any writing not selling something. Like pre-selling to educate, entertain & entice.

Let me content write for you with your:

  • blog posts, social media copy, articles, infographics

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